pl. n.;  single: dig·i·tal·zo·an 

Devices engineered around digital computing technology that are observed in the life of modern humans, such as micro-computers, music players, home entertainment, home security, cell phones, and electronic toys. 

From Latin: digitālis, equiv. to digit + -zōa, pl. of -zoon, animals.

Home Entertainment – Video

In this category, we look at systems and devices for video entertainment.  The objective of this “stuff” is simple – watch what you want, whenever and wherever you want to.  I think BlockBuster Video had a slogan similar to that a while back.  But watching video is no longer limited to commercially produced programming – we now have YouTube and similar sites (social video) plus our own creations.  So much to consider in this category.

Home Entertainment – Audio

In general, this category of digitalzoa is more refined than the video, since the digital technology for music has been readily available to the consumer longer – it’s more established.

Home Computing

I don’t mean to suggest you can’t take your computer out of your home, but I think everyone establishes a technology “home base” from which they come and go, bringing their digitalzoa with them.  The home computer is the hub of this home base, around which everything else is built.  But there are many miscellaneous parts in this category, such as storage and backup systems, WiFi networking, a variety of operating systems and software, etc.

Personal Digitalzoa

There has been so much growth in this category of digital things that go where we go.  You may have heard the phrase “wearable computing”, but there’s more to this subject than just stuff we carry around.  I would include automotive technologies, such as GPS and music players.