2012 Video in Review

My apologies, but I have just not been inspired to write about anything in this category this year.  The trends in digital video in 2012 has simply been more, cheaper, and better.  There have not been any disruptive technologies emerge (at least not that I have heard of), and the same cool TVs and gadgets

DLNA – Coming Soon To A TV Near You

If you have been following the emergence of DLNA certified or compatible equipment, there is a bit of excitement brewing. The DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) standard really seems to be getting close to delivering a new world of media integration and control. Suddenly, so many devices – specifically TVs – are supporting DLNA playback.

Wireless HDTV

Everybody loves wireless, and a soon-to-be-hot item is the wireless HD display.  If we can have a wireless mouse, a wireless printer, and not to mention the unlimited Wi-Fi devices, then why can’t we have a wireless HD TV so we can put the huge TV anywhere we want, like on the wall over the

Remote Possibilities

The Logitech Harmony remotes I would categorize somewhere between the original multi-function remote (the ones that came with your VCR player and could also control your TV) and the high-end programmed remotes that are used by professional installers. These remotes definately pass the NGUT (Non-Geek Usage Test) – they are a breeze to use. Logitech recognized the

Internet Video On Demand

Video streaming from the Internet – one step closer to watching whatever you want, whenever you want! So is this ready for everyone? If you have high-speed Internet in your house – absolutely! It passes the NGUT* (Non-Geek Usage Test) – really, almost anyone can use it. The two major competing DVD rental companies, Netflix